AMWAY HOME - SA8 Products
Great things come in threes. The Bee Gees, Harry, Ron and Hermione and the crime fighting power of Charlies Angels.

Now, you can enjoy another fabulous trio, when you get your Spray, Soak and Soften combination from the SA8® Amway Home® range.

SA8® Pre-Wash Spray

SA8® Pre-Wash Spray is formulated to remove tough dirt and stains the easy way, without scrubbing or soaking - just one quick spray. Great for collars and cuffs and many types of stains. Easy to apply and safe on colourfast cottons or synthetics.

SA8® Fabric Softener

And for that final delicate touch, our specially formulated softener minimises fabric wear and reduces static cling for fabrics that feel great and smell great. Loved by towels, woollens and linens alike.